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The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase by Wendy Mass

In this book we meet friends Logan, Philip, Miles, and Daisy. After winning the nationwide New Candy Contest, they watch as their Harmonicandy rolls down the production belt at the Life is Sweet factory. Everything seems fine until Logan and the others taste the first batch and, to their surprise, it tastes different than the original. With the new candy at stake, the quartet sets out on a publicity tour. While on the road, they research all about chocolate and consider the possibility that the original cacao beans came from outer space. The friends eventually track down a certain group of people that had a hand in the discovery of these special cacao beans, what will they uncover?

I enjoyed this book because of the candy factory setting and the suspenseful plot. I could relate to the characters and their adventures, which allowed me to place myself in the story. I loved the author’s technique of writing from each of the four friends’ perspectives. This is the 2nd book in a 2 book series. I recommend reading the series in order.

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