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Royal Institute of Magic: Elizabeth’s Legacy by Victor Kloss

In this book we meet teenagers Ben, Charlie, and Michael. In the first chapter, Michael is being told a great but dangerous secret by Queen Elizabeth. Then we fast forward to current day, for Charlie and Ben’s story. Ben’s parents left him 2 years ago, so now he doesn’t have a home. He lives with his step-grandma on the weekends, but on weekdays he secretly sleeps in his friends’ houses. When Ben and Charlie discover a letter in the ruins of Ben’s old ruined home, they uncover the Unseen Kingdoms and the Royal Institute of Magic. Ben and Charlie decide to explore this unknown world through the Dragonway, what will they find? I like this book because it is set in a world of magic, and the first chapter is set in the 17th Century. This is the 1st book in a six book series.


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