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A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

This book is made up of two stories. One is about Salva, a Sudanese “Lost Boy” whose story is set in 1985. When Salva’s village Loun-Ariik gets attacked by rebels, he is ordered to hide. He then finds thousands of other boys in the same predicament: no family, food, or water. He walks with these boys to a refugee camp, but eventually gets kicked out. He then has to go to another refugee camp, and another, then another. Finally, Salva gets sent to America, what will he find?

The other story is about Nya, set in 2008. She walks 8 hours everyday to fetch water for her family. When Nya’s sister falls sick because of the dirty water, her family makes the strenuous 3 day walk to a medical clinic. They arrive just in time and Akeer is saved. When the family gets back to their village, they find that a well is being built. It will change Nya’s life forever.

It is enlightening to see the characters grow and change after a tragic event. I also liked the fact that there were two related but distinct stories in the book. I really enjoy the author’s descriptive style because she let me really get to know the characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

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