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A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen

In this book we meet Gerta, an 8 year old girl in East Berlin. A couple of days before, her father and younger brother left to explore opportunities in West Berlin. Unfortunately, while they are gone the Berlin Wall goes up, separating them. She, along with her mother and older brother are on the side that is controlled by the Soviets while her father and younger brother are on the side that is free. A couple of months later the existing guarded fence becomes a 7 foot high concrete wall with watchtowers and guards with vicious dogs.  There is no way for Gerta and her remaining family to escape to West Berlin. Four years later, she still feels hopeless, until she sees her father pantomiming a dance on a platform on the other side. With that dance in mind, she forms a plan to escape with her remaining family. Will she succeed?

I liked this book because of the well thought out storyline and the suspenseful chapters. I enjoyed how the author described Gerta’s feelings. I felt that I was her in some parts of the book and gained insight into a horrifying time in history.


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